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SOLD! - 1962 Magnatone Custom 413 1x12 Vibrato Tonemaster

SOLD! - 1962 Magnatone Custom 413 1x12 Vibrato Tonemaster

€ 2.750,00Prijs

An absolutely legendary amp, especially since Phil X declared these amps his favorite a few years ago when demoing vintage guitars for Fretted Americana!! Check it out on youtube.


This is a vintage 1962 Magnatone Custom 413 made in Torrance, California by Estey Electronics. The 413 is the successor to the Model 213/213A which were also sold as the Troubadour and Tonemaster and were Magnatone's most successful models.


It was recently serviced and some capacitors were replaced where needed. Otherwise 100% original including the Blue mold capacitors! The original speaker sound outstanding as well, with great break up and creamy, full throated, well rounded, saturated tone. This amp sounds just exquisite, with that ridiculous cool Magnatone pitch shifting "super vibrato" tone. 


The clean voice is clear, sweet and full, distorted it breaks up into a very tasty crunch that sustains when you let it and does tight clear chords when you want it. The tone control wants to be cranked up for guitar. Just set and forget. The volume control is perfect, just dial it to where you want to be. 


On top of that she is very portable and wont break your back hauling it all over the country :-)


Noteable users are Robert Cray, John Mayer, Tom Petty, Jack White, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young, QOTSA, Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Beck, Keith Urban, Joe Walsh, Ry Cooder, Ronnie Wood, Scotty Moore, Ted Nugent, Lonni Mack, Billy Gibbons, Rory Gallagher etc etc..


- For those who dont know: The History of Tremolo and The beginnings of Vibrato -


Simply put, Tremolo is a cyclic change in volume. Tremolo, a.k.a. amplitude modulation, is a very pleasing effect and probably the first built into an amp, starting in the late 1940's with Danelectro, Gibson, and Premier. In 1955 Fender introduced the Tremolux (model 5E9). This was Fender's first amp with Tremolo. Meanwhile, in nearby Inglewood, Magna Electronics known for student lap-steel/amp combos was manufacturing real professional amps that incorporated unique designs and revolutionary new features such as Stereo Vibrato.


So in 1956 Fender introduced the Vibrolux. The Vibrolux supposedly had Vibrato (pitch modulation), but in reality this was just another variation on the Tremolo already found in the Tremolux. In fact, NO Fender amp has EVER had true pitch-bending vibrato, regardless of catalog hype to the contrary.


- Try this Experiment at Home

Plug your guitar into your amp and power it up. Now strum a chord and turn the volume control up and down rhythmically and repeatedly. You will hear Tremolo. This is what Fender and many others called Vibrato.


- Now try this

Fret one of your guitar strings and rhythmically rock your finger back and forth in a sideways motion stretching the string slightly. Notice the pitch is changing: this is Real Vibrato.


So here you go boys & girls: you learn something every day!

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