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SOLD! - 1962 Kay K503A 3WATT tube amp combo Valco

SOLD! - 1962 Kay K503A 3WATT tube amp combo Valco

€ 595,00Prijs

In the early '60s, the popularity of the electric guitar created new opportunities for mail-order catalogs and department stores alike to fill American homes with products that fulfilled aspiring musicians' rock n roll desires. Companies like Chicago based Kay produced multitudes of guitars and amplifiers that were readily available at affordable prices.


The Kay Model K503A is the perfect example of such an amp. It is a sweet sounding all tube 3 WATT practice amp, single channel, 3 inputs and just volume and tone. The speaker is a replacement Jensen Special Design C8R so you can get all the desired crunch at a nice volume without the old and tired  8inch speaker farting out...


Sounds great with either Guitar or Harmonica. Lots of organic warmth and depth and a cool Fender Champ like breakup after 8 on the volume knob. Very rich and full of overtones when pushed with a powerful P90 Les Paul Goldtop or Junior for example! Will roar like a little lion with a tubescreamer or booster pedal in sront. Original 110Volt power transformer so you will need a Step-Up/down power converter for use in Europe.

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