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SOLD! - 1962 Gibson SG Special faded Cherry Red Small Guard

SOLD! - 1962 Gibson SG Special faded Cherry Red Small Guard

€ 6.995,00Prijs

Pro-owned 2.8Kg rocket! Free the hidden Pete Townshend in you and blow up some amps while you're at it!!!

The Gibson SG Special was introduced in 1961 as a "mid-level" guitar. This set-neck mahogany guitar was a step up from the SG Junior with a pair of P90 pickups, three-way switch, volume and tone controls, and a bound neck with dot inlays. This first run from 1961 - 1965 is a fair amount more collectable and valuable, and is easily distinguished by it's smaller pickguard. 60’s Small guard SG’s have shown good steady price growth over the last few years and this may be a good opportunity to grab a hold of one.

This early 1962 killer playing and sounding Special is pretty original from the electronics, P90's, Small Guard, knobs, to the very cool yellow lined hardshell case! The tuners have been replaced (previous installed tuners left a few chips and marks) as is 1 of the pots. Also a butt ugly Gibson "horseshoe" Maestro Vibrola VBM-1-2 Tremolo 12810 was removed, leaving 3 screw holes in the top that could be plugged if desired. The bridge is replaced for an intonated lightning bar wraparound but the original is in the case.

This rocket sure shows its battle scars and you can bet your ass it sounds and plays just amazing! The original Cherry Red finish has a lot of weather checking, dings, dongs and playwear all over the body, neck and headstock and it has faded to a sweet satin brown. The neck is dead straight, feels very comfortable and is lightning fast. The headstock has no cracks, breaks or issues and the heel is perfectly ok as well, no repairs there. The pots cavity has several cracks near the bottom and it was repaired a couple of times, just like the '61 SG played by Jake Kiszka from Greta van Fleet. His axe completely split at the cavity, he repaired it with duct tape and finished the tour leaving it as is!

This guitar exhibits impressive sustain, precise and clear top end sparkle, and a proper bark. It’s nice and woody and compressed. Playing this guitar is almost effortless. The action is super low and the frets so perfect that you can whizz around this neck like lightning. It almost goes without saying that upper fret access couldn’t be much easier and your fingers might venture into higher altitudes than they are accustomed to.

So although I wouldn't throw it around pretending to be Pete Townshend, I would love to take this out on the road for gigs every day of the week! As a matter of fact, this will be my personal SG up until somebody decides to pick it up!

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