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1962 Gibson Les Paul Custom SG Polaris White Sideways Vibrola

1962 Gibson Les Paul Custom SG Polaris White Sideways Vibrola

€ 18.995,00 Normale prijs
€ 17.500,00Verkoopprijs

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This is an über cool and killer sounding 1962 Gibson Les Paul Custom that weighs just a little over 3.5Kg.


She is all original apart from the bridge and a set of amazing sounding original '62/'63 Gibson Patent Number Sticker PAF humbuckers. The axe has had a fresh refret and setup so you can get it going for another 60 years!

Neck pickup 7.25K Ohm Purple Wire Patent Number Sticker PAF 1961-1962
Middle Pickup 7.66K Ohm Red Wire Patent Number Sticker PAF 1963
Bridge Pickup 7.17K Ohm Red Wire Patent Number Sticker PAF 1963

The guitar shows very cool wear all over the body and neck. There was a superficial surface line on the back of the neck which didnt flex or move. The line was filled and the back of the neck oversprayed. The original thick 60's finish on these tend to crack along the wood grain, bindings, heel and fretboard as you can see in the pics. The Polaris White finish is original and has play wear and checking on the body, neck and headstock and several touchups on the top, side and back of the body, neck and headstock. The heel has the usual repair and is perfectly stable. The pots cavity shows a  crack repair as well and both were done by a professional luthier and all repairs comes with our Shop's full warranty as long as you dont go all Pete Townshend on it...


The original black pebble case with gold yellow plush lining is in pretty good condition with only 1 latch not working.

1962 Gibson Guitars - Amplifiers catalog, p.10
"Players call it the "Fretless Wonder" for its extremely low frets and fast action. Now it's more wonderful than ever with new body design and new features. Ultra thin, hand contoured, delicately balanced, it adjusts into a natural comfortable playing position for any guitarist, with or without strap. With three humbucking adjustable pickups, Tune-O-Matic bridge, and the new Vibrato (operates in direction of pick stroke; swings out of way for rhythm playing) with increased power, greater sustain, and a clear resonant sparkling tone, the "Custom" provides the widest range of tonal colorings and effects. Three-way toggle switch provides a unique method of tone mixing; top position selects top pickup for rhythm; center position activates center and lower pickups simultaneously for extreme highs and special effects; lower position operates lower pickup for playing lead. Finished in gleaming white for smart contrast with gold-plated metal parts."

And the price in 1962? Where's that time machine when you need one...

"$425.00 for the LP/SG and $47.50 for the Faultless gold plush-lined case."

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