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SOLD! - 1962 Fender Jaguar Olympic White refin w/OHSC

SOLD! - 1962 Fender Jaguar Olympic White refin w/OHSC

€ 4.500,00Prijs

Superb all original 1962 first year Jaguar that has all original parts, neck, tuners, pickups, pots, electronics, OHSC Brown Case etc.


The body has had a pro refin in Olympic White and was aged to perfection. Very hard to tell it's a refin. As a matter of fact, it looks so original (even under blacklight) that it has been sold as original not too long ago... 


Conceived of as the high-end crown jewel of the original Fender product line, the Jaguar began life as the typical surf-rock guitar. It was made with 22 frets in a 24” scale and marketed as an easier player than the Tele- and Stratocaster. It was also given many other features, such as a string mute, hum-reducing ringed single coil pick-ups and a much more varied and complex tone and lead circuit than any other Fender guitar had seen before.


Meant to be the fully loaded “Cadillac” of the Fender catalog, the bonanza of features went unappreciated and the poorly aimed ad campaign which pointed toward Surf Rockers saw the Jaguar quickly falling out of favor, being eventually discontinued in 1975. It wouldn’t be until the late ‘70s, when Punk emerged on the scene, that the long ignored Jaguar would become the affordable weapon of choice for the Punk rocker on a budget. 


The real resurrection however came in the early 90's when Punk-inspired Grunge musicians began utilizing the Jaguar's raunchy and unpredictable tone to fuel the newly lit fires. In the hands of modern guitarists like Kurt Cobain the Jaguar became the new unsung hero of its time!

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