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SOLD! - 1961 Gibson Les Paul Special Cherry Double Cut

SOLD! - 1961 Gibson Les Paul Special Cherry Double Cut

€ 12.500,00Prijs

Here's another super Rock Monster for you - it becomes harder and harder to find original Specials these days...


And look at that amazing wood grain and texture!


This all original 1961 Gibson Les Paul Special is incredible sounding battle axe with great dynamics & powerful attack. And with just 3,3Kg this guitar has a nice low weight so it's super comfortable to play for long periods of time and very easy to handle. This guitar looks amazing and has hardly any wear.


The two original P90's deliver a punchy, ballsy rock tone that seem to sustain for days and have a lot of bite and aggressive power. The neck has a nice and comfortable feel somewhere in between a '59 and '60 and fplays very easy. The POT's, electronics and bumblebee capacitors are original, tuners, plastics, pickguard and even the wraparound tailpiece are original! The case is a pretty cool recent rectangular Les Paul case that protects this axe like a baby.


The frets are a refret with wide frets that look like the fretless wonder frets and they do have plenty of life left but to each their own. The cherry finish is nice and warm and shows mild checking on the body. The neck has some more wear, checking and discoloration of hands playing this monster. The headstock is in beautiful condition. No refins, no touch-ups. The only thing repaired is the removed and plugged hole of a strap button on the upper bass side horn.

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