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SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-8T Discoverer Tremolo 12" Jensen Combo

SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-8T Discoverer Tremolo 12" Jensen Combo

€ 1.650,00Prijs

Link Wray in a box!!

Cool and rare original 10-WATT 1961 Gibson GA-8T Discoverer Combo with Tremolo that sounds like Link Wray's "Rumble"

This little beast can sound somewhat in between a 60’s Marshall on 11 and 50’s Fender Princeton and has nearly the same layout as the Fender Princeton Brownface as well! And all that for not even 1/2 the price...

And yes: it can sound nice with clean, crisp tones and a lovely tremolo on top. But thats not why you buy this amp. You want this amp because you can push it into a loud raging bull with bags of grit and bite. Bad ass overdrive sounds from this little gem! But yeah, turn the volume down on the guitar and its a super smooth jazz box as well.

Now 10 Watt doesn't sound like much but this Class-A combo sounds surprisingly loud! Perfect for recording or small venue gigs, or mic' it up and you're boss!

Its pretty original including the hyper rare wooden foot-switch (!!) and bracket, transformers (currently there is a 230Volt transformer in there but the original 1961 110Volts Gibson GA-18 power transformer works perfectly and is included in the sale), 12inch Jensen Alnico speaker dated to 1961, pots, cabinet, grill-cloth, logo, covering, handle with dome Gibson logo etc.
Gibson GA-8T Discoverer
10 WATT Guitar Combo
12inch Jensen Alnico speaker 220117 (week 17, 1961)
Power Trafo GA18P 524105 (week 5, 1961)
Output Trafo GA1801 524105 (week 5, 1961)
Pots 1436124 (week 24, 1961)

Inputs: 1 x instr, 1 x mic
Channels: 1
Volume Controls: 1
Tremolo: Yes
12AX7 Preamp
2x6BM8 Power
5Y3GT Rectifier

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