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SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-8T Discoverer Tremolo 12" Jensen Combo

SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-8T Discoverer Tremolo 12" Jensen Combo

€ 1.250,00Prijs

Link Wray in a box!!


Cool and rare original 10-WATT 1961 Gibson GA-8T Discoverer Combo with Tremolo that sounds like Link Wray's "Rumble"


Sure, this sweetie can sound somewhat in between a 60’s Marshall and 50’s Fender Princeton and has nearly the same layout as the Brownface Princeton as well, but for only 1/2 the money...


And yes, it can sound nice with clean and crisp tones and a lovely tremolo on top. But thats not why you buy this amp. You want this amp because you can push it into a raging bull with bags full of grit and bite. Bad ass overdrive sounds from this little gem! But yeah, turn the volume down on the guitar and its a super smooth jazz box as well.


Now 10 Watt doesn't sound like much but this Class-A combo sounds surprisingly loud! Perfect for recording or small venue gigs, or mic' it up and you're boss!


Its pretty original including the hyper rare wooden foot-switch (!!) and bracket, transformers (currently there is a 230Volt transformer in there but the original 1961 110Volts power transformer works perfectly and is included in the sale), 12inch Jensen Alnico speaker, pots, cabinet, grill-cloth, logo, covering, handle and most caps and electronics

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