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SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-200 Rhythm King Tweed 2 x 12 60WATT Combo

SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-200 Rhythm King Tweed 2 x 12 60WATT Combo

€ 2.000,00Prijs

Just serviced!


This is an extremely rare amp (just a few 100 were ever made) and one of the biggest and baddest combos ever produced by Gibson's Kalamazoo, MI factory in the company's heyday.


Absolutely gorgeous patina on this vintage amplifier, including cigarette burns from when it was the house amp at Monty's Exotic Showroom Pub: a well known strip club in the Victoria Plaza Hotel, Victoria BC, Canada. If this amp could speak... ;-)


A vintage powerhouse and Gibson's take on the famous Fender Tweed Twin. This thing moved more air than any other back in the day! Lovely warm tone with plenty of power on tap. Lots of headroom. Two channel High Fidelity sound with unique built in "compression" circuit to prevent overloading. 


This amp delivers a tone that is powerful, clear and very warm! The tone has great clarity at lower volumes, with cleans that twang and sparkle. The compression gives a bit more focus and snap to the tone. While the amp can get plenty loud, most of the volume is achieved before the amp starts to breakup, so the second half of the volume dial simply saturates the tubes for a thick, crunchy overdriven sound with rich harmonics and sizzling top end. 


Intended to partner the big professional archtops like Gibson’s L-5CES and Super 400, enabling them to belt out a rhythm on the bandstand at the time, this is also a great match for any (vintage) Les Paul!


2 x Gibson 6EU7 / 12AX7 Preamp

1 x Westinghouse 5U4GB / GZ34 Rectifier

2 x Sylvania 6L6GC Power

1 x Marconi Company OB2

2 x GE Electronic 6FM8

2 x Marconi + Philco Philips 6BA6

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