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SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-18T Explorer Tremolo Tweed 14W

SOLD! - 1961 Gibson GA-18T Explorer Tremolo Tweed 14W

€ 2.000,00Prijs

This amazing 1961 Gibson GA-18T Explorer guitar amplifier in original Tweed is a great sounding vintage amplifier if there ever was one and it kicks Fender's Tweed Deluxe's ass every day of the week!


Oh yes, we sure do love our vintage Gibson amplifiers but we especially love the tweed GA-18T Explorer model for it's raunchy rugged roar. The on board Tremolo is one of the best around. Whopping deep and lush. The amp sounds sweet and warm on lower volume levels though and shines with a Les Paul with P90's. Give it some reverb and hold on to your pants because the tone and sustain will blow you away. The options on that single tone knob are unreal.


It's very rare to come across these amps as the Gibson GA-18T Explorer was only on the market in this configuration for 1959 to 1961 making this an excellent compliment to your period Gibson solid body electric. It uses a very similar setup to the Fender Deluxe including two 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 6V6GT power tubes and a 5Y3 rectifier tube. The Explorer amp makes about 14 watts.

This particular amp operates exactly as it should on mostly original parts including some old power and rectifier tubes and Astron electrolytic capacitors. The tweed is still in very good condition with the soft lacquer that so often fades and rubs off. The chrome is shiny and has some pitting. The original Jensen speaker is replaced for a powerfull 1980’s Celestion G10L-35 10inch 35WATT speaker which is a real plus. And it has the hyper rare original wooden footswich and footswitch "pocket" inside the cabinet, GA 18 P Power Transformer 524130 (week 30, 1961) 110V, GA 18 01 Output Transformer 524130 (week 30, 1961), pots BA811-1593 date 1346124 (week 24, 1961) etc.

Late 1950's Gibson amplifiers have flown under the vintage player's radar for some time but that's all changing.




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