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SOLD! - 1960 Jennings JMI VOX AC2 Tremolo Fawn Tan Beige

SOLD! - 1960 Jennings JMI VOX AC2 Tremolo Fawn Tan Beige

€ 2.500,00Prijs

Look at this sweet little baby! I would even buy this without being able to play guitar, it's that beautiful... And I bet you have never ever seen one in person either, it's a real Unicorn. 

For sale is an extremely rare original 1960 Jennings VOX AC-2 with the original transformers, grillcloth, fawn tolex, footswitch, 8inch R&A speaker etc. It is 4 WATTS so it is perfect for home use or Studio recordings. The tremolo sounds lovely and the amp has a nice chime to it. Pushed it can roar like a baby lion! It has been serviced and it is ready to make you happy.


The Vox AC-4 was a guitar a small practice amp that was introduced in 1958 and originally marketed as the AC-2.


While the AC-4 was introduced in 1962, "The Vox Story" by Dick Denney and David Petersen reports that the "TV front" AC-2 was first offered in 1958. In his book, Denney recalls that the earliest design for the AC-2 had a 6.5" speaker. Even so, the AC2 does not appear in any *dated* source until November 1960. Nothing has emerged so far in the promotional literature and adverts from May to October. In November 1962 the AC2 is listed in Melody Maker in two versions - two input (17 guineas), and single input (12 guineas) - both are said to be 4 watt amplifiers. Vibrato (actually tremolo) is stated as being present.


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