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SOLD! - 1960 Gibson Les Paul Special DC Cherry faded to brown

SOLD! - 1960 Gibson Les Paul Special DC Cherry faded to brown

€ 12.500,00 Normale prijs
€ 10.500,00Verkoopprijs

Here's another super Rock Monster for you - it becomes harder and harder to find the old Les Paul Specials these days...

This 1960 Gibson Les Paul Special is as usual an incredible sounding battle axe with great dynamics & powerful attack. And with 3,47Kg this guitar has a nice weight and it's super comfortable to play for long periods of time and very easy to handle. This guitar looks and sounds amazing and has all the play wear to show it.

The two original P90's deliver a punchy, ballsy rock tone that seem to sustain for days and have a lot of bite and aggressive power. The 60's neck has a nice and comfortable feel  and plays easy and effortlessly. It has a very old professional headstock repair that lights up under UV and is stable ever since. The rosewood fretboard has a few divets in the first 3 positions but you dont feel them and they're not in the way. The refret is well performed and they feel smooth.

The cherry finish has faded lovely into this sweet brown and shows checking, dents and playwear all over the body. The neck has some more wear, checking and discoloration of hands playing this monster. 3 of the 4 POT's are original, 1 was replaced, the electronics and bumblebee capacitors are original as are the tuners, plastics, pickguard, trussrod cover (small bit on the top was broken off), knobs and tailpiece. The jackplate was broken but is repaired, the switch knob is replaced as are a couple of screws and the studs. It comes in an original 1970's Gibson Les Paul case in very worn and rough condition.

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