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SOLD! - 1960 Gibson GA-5T Skylark Tremolo 5W two-tone blonde tolex combo

SOLD! - 1960 Gibson GA-5T Skylark Tremolo 5W two-tone blonde tolex combo

€ 1.500,00Prijs

This baby is in excellent condition and sounds crazy cool - Includes the original technical schematic!


Bluesharp players have already known this long before guitar players: These little gem's are perfect amps! It has been a decade long no.1 on all Bluesharp players top pick list and guitar players now know as well. These are the ones to have and hold.


The GA-5T  is something like a 5W Fender Champ packed as a Gibson Skylark, only better... And with Tremolo! Turn the volume all the way up and you will hear an amazing almost fuzzed out crazy drive sound. Perfect for that Les Paul or a P90 guitar like a Junior or 50's Goldtop. At lower volumes it can be so crisp and clean and with that whopping warm tremolo all you need is basically there.

We really love the sound of the GA-5 Skylark amps at full volume with high-output P90 pickups and humbuckers. Gibson really made some fine sounding amps in the 50's and early 60's and it seems that more people are appreciating them these days.

GA-5T Skylark two-tone
5W Guitar Combo with Tremolo
serial 106539 (1960)
Power Transformer GA 5TP 996650 (week 65, 1960)
Output Transformer GA5-0 549-6050 (week 50 1960)
Jensen 8-inch Special Design Speaker 220044 (week 44, 1960)
1 Channel

2 Inputs: 1 x instrument + 1 x microphone
Volume Control
1 x Gibson 12AX7 (pre amp)
1 x Amperex Bugle Boy ECL82 (power amp and tremolo)
1 x Gibson 5Y3GT (rectifier)

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