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SOLD! - 1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Model Junior Yellow DC Double Cut

SOLD! - 1959 Gibson Les Paul TV Model Junior Yellow DC Double Cut

€ 17.500,00Prijs

To most of us this is one of the ultimate dream guitars: An original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior in TV Yellow with the silkscreened "TV Model" logo on the headstock and 1 poweful P90 pickup. If you are one of those players/collectors who loves this, you're not alone... The demand is unbelievable which is why these guitars almost never come up for sale and prices have risen to new all-time highs. The yellow rocket for sale however is very reasonably priced and here is why.

This very original 1959 TV Model Junior is one of the heavier Juniors I have ever seen: it weighs 4.1Kg and it explains the big heavy sound it produces! The body and neck are all mahogany and have the original finish with a lot of weather checking, dings, dongs, touchups and marks. No overspray, no refin! At some point it seems the sweet '59 neck was reset and re-glued into the neckjoint and marks of the work show underneath the pickguard. The P90 mount to the body was adjusted with a small cutout so it sits a little lower. Also, the guitar must have been owned by a cowboy with a pretty crude left hand thumb as there is a pretty big mark on the bass side of the neck near the first fret. The wear has gone through the finish into the wood and the patch was filled and smoothened. You can hardly feel it and the neck plays incredibly smooth and soft.

But just to be clear on one thing: Everything on this guitar is original! The P90 (8,5KOhm) dogear pickup, 1959 pots, bumblebee capacitor, wiring, studs, stoptail, single line kluson deluxe strip tuners, black top hat knobs, trussrod cover, pickguard, jackplate etc. Comes in a later Les Paul case.

Dont wait too long as this will find a new home in the blink of an eye...

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