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SOLD! - 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 3 x PAF pickup

SOLD! - 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 3 x PAF pickup

€ 45.000,00 Normale prijs
€ 39.995,00Verkoopprijs

Here’s a cool and excellent value guitar in a market where prices of 50's Les Paul's are skyrocketing...

You're drooling all over an original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom with 3 original PAF stickered humbucker pickups in black beauty finish, with original 1958 Epiphone Tuners!!! What is that, I hear you say? Yessir, this guitar has original 1958 "E"-to-"G" (-ish) restamped Epiphone tuners!!

So, why is this not a 100k guitar?

This podium beast has had a headstock repair, which is pretty hard to see as the repair was very well performed and the back of the headstock was resprayed some time ago, preserving the original serial number. The front of the headstock seems to have had a light overspray as well. It also had a refret and a new nut and it looks like the wiring from the switch to the jack socket has been replaced with original 50's Gibson wire. There are a couple of touch ups on the back of the neck and a hell of a lot of wear on the body, front, back and neck. Blacklight shows spots and fading but we (and the previous dealers of this guitar) think it's the original finish and it's the intense wear that fades the finish. But the front could have had an overspray as well at the same time, hard to tell.


Anyway, we can all can see this battle axe has been played a lot, and then some, and if you play it you know why!

It just came back from our luthier who checked the electronics, cleaned the pots and restored some cold solder connections. After a fresh setup she now plays like a dream and this beast is ready for some heavy Rock and Roll!!!

The good news is: The wood, body, neck, PAF pickups, knobs, pots, caps, ABR bridge, stoptail, pickguard, backplates, pickup rings, toggle switch, R/T ring, trussrod cover, Epiphone (!) tuners etc are all original. Comes with an original 1950's Selmer Les Paul case with yellow/gold lining.

Oh yes: the über cool Epiphone Tuners are factory original too!! Just like the ones on the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom Joe Bonamassa owns and which has been replicated by Epiphone in 2020! This is the second 1958 Gibson Les Paul Custom we have seen with these tuners fitted from new and the general theory is that during the change over between Kluson keystone and Grovers, Gibson may have had a bit of a supply issue so they ‘borrowed’ these tuners from the high end Epiphone range. The interesting fact is they just had to engrave one small line on the back of the tuners to turn the ‘e’ into a ‘G’ which is exactly what they did before plating them.

This should be your weapon of choice as it just sounds marvelous. It really is one hell of a guitar - a triple PAF loaded 1958 Les Paul for half the price of a collector grade Custom???!!!


You snooze, you lose...

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