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SOLD! - 1958 Gibson GA-20 Two Tone Combo 20W

SOLD! - 1958 Gibson GA-20 Two Tone Combo 20W

€ 2.750,00Prijs

Late 1950's Gibson amplifiers have flown under the vintage player's radar for some time but that's all changing. Great bluesharp amp as well!


This beautiful GA20 is a roaring beast (especially on the microphone input!) and it will run circles around a Fender Tweed Deluxe when trying to get that early Billy Gibbons ZZ Top sound. Not much clean to be had, around 3 on the dial it starts breaking up more and more untill it gets well into fuzz drive territory when pushed all up. It's Neil Young in a box! This amp was played live for the past 20 years without any problems.


This one is pretty original including the original rare and super cool butterfly knobs, some ASTRON capacitors, Pots, GA-20 Power Transformer 110V, speaker mounted Output Transformer, Jensen Special Design P12R C5920 c 12inch alnico bell speaker 220812 (week 12, 1958) which was reconed 24 years ago in 1999 and sounds like an old one.


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