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SOLD! - 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop P90's

SOLD! - 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop P90's

€ 80.000,00Prijs

This beauty has been in a private collection in The Netherlands for the last 30+ years. 


This is a rare, completely original 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop with P90 pickups. About only 200 of these were produced in 1957, just before Gibson changed over from P90 pickups to PAF's. The year 1957 was a transitional year for the Les Paul model. Up until then, Les Pauls always featured P90 pickups (or the rare staple Alnico pickup in the early Les Paul Custom's). From 1957 on, PAF humbucker pickups would become the standard for the Les Paul, until the model was discontinued in 1960.


In 1990 an avid Dutch guitar collector bought this guitar from the late Jimmy Brown at Guitar Emporium of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. The story goes that it was previously owned by famous Kentucky guitarist Greg Martin, who traded it for a Les Paul Goldtop with PAF's. In 2020 the collector sold the guitar via a well known guitar shop in the South of The Netherlands to another trader/collector, who in turn sold it to me.


The guitar is 100% all original and has aged in a beautiful way. There are clear traces of use, but only of the kind you would expect on a guitar that was played for decades, but at the same time was been treated with care. The plastics, tuners, pots, switch, electronics, wiring and solder are untouched and it comes in it's original 1957 Lifton case. 


When you look closely you can see the amazing curly Flame Maple, almost centre seam Top underneath the lush Gold finish, which makes this a really unique guitar and just months away from a real Burst....  It has a smooth, chunky feeling '57 round neck profile and the guitar weighs 4,36kg. It has such a sweet tone and sustain, it feels and sounds really really close to the real Bursts I have played before. 


The gold finish has cracked, with a denser grid of cracks at the top's edges. As is often the case with aged Goldtops, in the most heavily worn spots there is a green discoloration along the edges where the gold lacquer has come off. There is remarkably little wear on the back of the body and neck. Some of the expected scratches and dents are visible, but hardly any buckle rash.


The Les Paul logo on the headstock is quite faded, but the serial number 7 2132 on the back can still be read very well. The deep rosewood fretboard has a striking dark color and has not worn too heavily. Also the original frets have enough life left for years to come. 


This '57 Les Paul Standard truly is a magical guitar and makes you understand why the end of the 50's are called Gibson's Golden Era....

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