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SOLD! - 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV Yellow Single Cut

SOLD! - 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV Yellow Single Cut

€ 9.500,00 Normale prijs
€ 8.995,00Verkoopprijs

Here's a cool little rocker you dont see every day!


This 1957 TV Yellow single cut Gibson Les Paul Junior is one hell of a rock machine... All the important stuff is original with just enough changes to keep it player friendly.


Specs when sold @ Bees In A Jar in 2021: At some point it had different tuners installed. Conversion bushings and aged Kluson style 3x3 tuners are currently installed. Someone in the past also installed a stop tailpiece which is now covered up by the 'custom made' plaque as seen with many ES-335/345/355 models. The original short seam wraparound bridge and long studs are back on. Stud anchors have been replaced and the treble side has a pro repair from forward-lean. The pots and tone cap are early 60's but the pickup is a great sounding P-90 that screams when you want to but it can also sound soft and sweet like a baby :-)

The finish is the original lime mahogany TV Yellow. There's an overspray on the back of the headstock but we can't detect a break, just a small repaired dot. No cracks or breaks anywhere! The guitar features a recent pro refret with a new nut.


It truly plays like a dream with very low action, the neck profile is big yet super comfortable. Comes with a standard hardshell case as pictured, or we can include a Gibson Lifton case as you like.

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