SOLD! - 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior Sunburst 3/4 single cut

€ 4.500,00Prijs

This little guy screams like a rat in a drainpipe. Hit that chord and you will hear that full blown 50's P90 rock tone. But as a matter of fact it can sound sweet and jazzy as well. Very kind and gentle.


Its a rare and original 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior in sunburst finish that is in very good and very original condition! Original finish, pickups, early 1957 pots, Spraque "Bumblebee" capacitor, untouched electronics, studs, tailpiece, plastics, knobs etc. Tuners are replaced for repro's but the originals are in the case. 

The case? Yes! Low and behold: the original 1957 alligator croc case!!


This 3/4 Junior has a full scale single cut mahogany body only the neck is 3 frets shorter. The neck however is a very comfy round '57 rosewood neck and it plays effortless. And with only 3.2Kg you can sling it around your neck and play on stage from 8 till 2 in the morning without the need of a chiropractor.

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