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SOLD! - 1957 Fender Stratocaster 2-tone Tobacco Sunburst hardtail

SOLD! - 1957 Fender Stratocaster 2-tone Tobacco Sunburst hardtail

€ 8.950,00Prijs

The 1957 Fender Stratocaster is considered by most to be one of the true classic Stratocasters and original ones will fetch up to 35.000 USD and up.


So, what is it that makes this guitar such a music icon?


By 1957, the Stratocaster was basically perfected into the form that has remained largely unchanged ever since. The 2-piece Alder two-tone sunburst body and 1 piece Maple neck were built from old woods. These woods have been air dried for many decades and its rumoured that this wood was cut in the 20's and 30's. The body has some amazing contours and the neck has a bit af a soft V-shape to it that feels so easy in the palm of your hand.


* What the guitar for sale is not...

It is not a very original guitar anymore and most of it has been parted out and sold. Mind you, an original pickguard sells for 2K alone... So this is not the collector grade Strat in pristine condition you would buy to stick in your showcase on the wall and show off to all your jealous real estate friends.


* ...but why you want it anyway!

It still has the original 1957 body and neck, both (factory) refinished and it looks and feels just so sweet. It plays effortlessly and sounds really good. The feel of the neck is so comfortable you'll feel at home the moment you hold it. The tuners are also original as are the bridge, saddles, 3-way switch, straplocks, jack and jackplate. Pickups are Seymour Duncan antiquity and they seem to be a very good match to the guitar. The rest of the hardware is repro but hey: At this price?? I guess you could always get yourself a 2K pickguard en get it up to spec again but it won't sound any different.. ;-)

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