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SOLD! - 1957 3.1Kg Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow Single Cut

SOLD! - 1957 3.1Kg Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow Single Cut

€ 16.000,00Prijs

This all original 1957 Gibson Les Paul TV Special is incredible sounding axe with superb dynamics & powerful resonance. And with only 3,1Kg this guitar has the perfect weight so it's super comfortable to play for long periods of time and very easy to handle. 


No breaks or repairs at the headstock or neck. The two original P90s deliver warm, open and rich tones that seem to sustain for days and have a lot of bite and aggressive power. The neck is a nice and comfortable handful, typical '57 so chunky but not too big. The pot's are original with untouched solder and bumblebee capacitors, tuners are original as are the knobs, pickguard, plastics, screws and even the wraparound tailpiece and frets and original.


The TV Yellow finish is nice and warm and checked nicely over the years. There are a quite a few marks and dings on the headstock, back of the neck and body and on the top of the body there's a discoloration area which is most likely from something that was placed on top of the body like a floating bigsby of some sort. It has a few touch-ups on the top and edges of the body as can be seen in the pictures. Also the switch tip was broken and repaired with a small piece missing. The headstock shows a cigarette burn mark on the front face near the low E. Comes in a non original old brown Les Paul case.

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