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SOLD! - 1957/1958 *Holy Grail* Fender Stratocaster two-tone Sunburst + OHSC

SOLD! - 1957/1958 *Holy Grail* Fender Stratocaster two-tone Sunburst + OHSC

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This is not about guitars. Or investments. Or value. It is about dreams. So here's another dream for you...

Feast your eyes on this Holy Grail, Golden Era January '58 Stratocaster with full spec '57 appointments! It has a lovely 100% original two-tone sunburst finish that shows some cool checking, and it has the soft body contours and classic '57 V-neck profile highly revered by players and collectors alike.

It is in stunning condition with no breaks, cracks, repairs, refin's, touch ups whatsoever and it comes in the original Fender Tweed case with all latches still in tact and working!! The original tremolo arm was broken and is in the case, the current arm is a repro with the original '57 tip from the original arm to give it the original feel. Also in the case are 2 of the the original tremolo springs. The guitar was refretted professionally and the nut might have also been replaced while at it. The D-tuner is an original 1958 tuner but not original to this guitar. Lastly the backplate and screws that hold it doen are high end replacements.

The rest is completely original! Finish, tuners, headstock logo, string-tree, pots (304723 = week 23, 1957), knobs, switch, electronics, capacitor, pickguard, trem block, Fender Pat. Pend. saddles, finish and of course the magical black bottom pickups and covers! The neckplate is the rare but original double stamped version. The neck and body both date 1-58 and in the control cavity is a little piece of masking tape signed by Gloria.

To complete the dream you can imagine this guitar sounds like heaven and nothing compares to a real 57-58 Strat. It really is what dreams are made of. Plays effortlessly and you will have a very hard time putting it down!

This just came out of a private collection and it can be yours. Finally, your dreams can come true!


- Lots of pictures inside out available!! -

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