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SOLD! - 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV Yellow Single Cut + croc case

SOLD! - 1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV Yellow Single Cut + croc case

€ 17.500,00 Normale prijs
€ 15.000,00Verkoopprijs

No cracks or breaks! This late '56 TV Yellow Les Paul Junior is a fantastic example of the Limed Mahogany ‘wheatier’ TV Yellow guitars, just as we love them.

As you can see from the photos the finish is in perfect shape with only some wear on the back and armrest spots. The neck and headstock are surprisingly clean with only a few paint chips and marks of a few small letters on the fromt headstock, probably from the previous owner.

The bridge posts have been moved forward at some point to correct the intonation, a common feature of guitars from this period. However the luthier that performed the work did an amazing job to blend it into the original finish as it's only really visible under black light and at certain angles in the light. And even then you would have to stick your nose right in there to see them. It also had different tuners installed in the past, as is evident by the two visible holes in the back of the headstock but the originals are back on. The neck is a chunky C shape and the fretboard is in excellent shape with plenty of life left in the frets.

Apart from the moved bridge posts and tuner holes everything else is original: the finish, P90 pickup, pickup cover, wraptail bridge, Centralab pots, Bumblebee capacitor, output jack, harness, knobs, tailpiece, thick black pickguard, trussrodcover, etc.

The guitar comes with the original Gibson cardboard croc skin case in pretty bad and worn state. And oh yes, we almost forgot, it weight 3.8Kg and sounds KILLER!!! :-)

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