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SOLD! - 1956-1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Burst PAF conversion 3.8Kg

SOLD! - 1956-1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Burst PAF conversion 3.8Kg

€ 25.000,00Prijs

Renowned luthier Yuuki McClure of Player Grade Vintage, London, UK, has weaved his wizardry magic to breathe new life into this old Les Paul and boy, has he done a mighty fine job of it too!!


Yuuki turned an original '56 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop which was in a really neglected and sorry state into this amazing rich and snappy sounding '59 conversion which has ‘that real' Burst tone in spades. And this isn’t a common thing at all by the way! It’s a big rich sounding guitar with lots of airy harmonic overtones and a touch of hair and edge. 

Specs and cork-sniffing:


- 1956 Gibson factory stoptail Les Paul Goldtop with a nice feeling neck 

- Stinger on the headstock, headstock repair

- 1961-1963 Gibson purple wire PAT NO. sticker PAF spec. Humbuckers

- 1950's no wire ABR Bridge

- 1950's Short Seam Stop Tailpiece

- 1956 POTs

- 1950's Kluson single line single ring tuners

- 1950's pickup switch and R/T switch ring

- 1950's pickguard

- 1950's PAF covers

- 1980's M8 Humbucker rings

- Montreux True Historic '59 Top Hat knobs

- comes with a recent AGED  Gibson Les Paul Lifton pink lined hardshell case (or a real 50's Les Paul case @ EUR 1.500 extra as pictured)


The guitar sounds incredible and has a real vibrant ring to it, lots of sustain and sounds great acoustically and through a Marshall Plexi on 11. It has great depth and has a real Burst thing going on there! 


So, if you want a Burst at 10% of the price: here's your chance!

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