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SOLD! - 1955 Gretsch Electromatic 5W Tweed Combo like Fender Champ

SOLD! - 1955 Gretsch Electromatic 5W Tweed Combo like Fender Champ

€ 1.500,00Prijs

We have your next perfect little vintage amp at 1/2 the price of the legendary Fender Champ!!

This 1955 Gretsch Electromatic is something you don't see very often as they usually don't last long on the market.

This fantastic little vintage tube amp churns out 5 WATTS of tube tone goodness. What you get is a cute little tweed box with a single 8" speaker, a volume and tone control and 2 instruments- and 1 microphone input. That's it. You can set it low for cleaner tones or crank it up for delicious crunchy fuzz tones that have all the warmth and dynamics you love from a little tube amp. The tone control plays an important role as well to the overall drive. The Gretsch Electromatic is pretty similar to the Gibson GA-5 and Fender Champ and packs quiet a little punch at bedroom/studio volume. Really, what else do you need?

The amp is pretty much all original including the (broken) handle although the speaker seems to be from 1956 so it could be a "later" relacement/upgrade. Also the backpanel is missing but that is an easy replacement fix.

Gretsch Electromatic Tweed Amp
3 input channels
wide-range bass/treble control
6SC7GT preamp tube
6V6GT power tube
5Y3GT rectifier tube
Zenith True Fidelity 8inch dynamic speaker (Zenith 49CZ780 343648 (week 48, 1956)
pot codes 304452 (week 52, 1954) and 304436 (week 36, 1954)
Output Transformer E-2640  166417 (week 17, 1954)

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