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SOLD! - 1955 Gibson Les Paul Standard All Gold Goldtop w/ original wraparound

SOLD! - 1955 Gibson Les Paul Standard All Gold Goldtop w/ original wraparound

€ 47.500,00Prijs

This 1955 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is mentioned on page 27 in the Japanese 2021 Magazine "Gibson Goldtop - Players Book"


Wow! This late 1955 All Gold battle axe looks like it was used every single minute of every single day for the past 66 years... Tons of mojo, wear, checking, marks, scratches, dings and dongs.. It looks like the real deal from a mile away. Because it is... Copy that, Murphy Lab!!  ;-)


It is probably one of the very last 50's Goldtops with a wraparound bridge as most Goldtop's with a serialnumber close to this one already were produced with ABR/Stoptail. The gold finish weather checked and greened like there's no tomorrow and it looks just so cool... Like a wildfire! It has a warm and lush vibrant glow over it with no overspray or touchups. The finish on the back of the neck was worn off and the remnants of the finish were removed to smoothen out the big 50's neck which has a little V-shape going on and it feels super easy and comfortable in the hand. The headstock has a little touchup on the treble side. The P90 pickups, pots, capacitors and wiring are original, as are the plastics, switch and tuners. The neck Pickup was wax potted to eliminate noise. It has a good neck angle with a very nice action, plays effortlessly! Comes with the original Gibson Les Paul Brown case in pretty worn condition.


The neck pickup is warm bluesy/jazzy and has a nice deep profound sound, the bridge pickup is aggressive and has a super attack and roars punchy lead sounds. In the middle position it sounds full and powerful with a lot of gnarly bite, perfect for that Plexi on 11!


Many guitarists consider this to be the ultimate guitar as the sustain and sound on these are just incredible and it is hard to believe that they are only priced at about 10% of a real Burst..

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