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SOLD! - 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior Single Cut Tobacco Burst

SOLD! - 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior Single Cut Tobacco Burst

€ 13.000,00Prijs

This little monster is an amazing ROCK AXE! You can see that is was played a lot... and then some! Checks, dings, dongs, marks, scratches, chips etc. etc. But it's all original. It has a nice feeling neck that is chunky with a hint of a 59 profile, nice action, powerful P90, lively and resonant 3.2Kg lightweight body. Comes in the original cardboard Gibson faux crocodile case. And oh yes, we almost forgot: it rocks like crazy!!

The Junior is a very versatile instrument that has it all: When played at maximum volume levels it is loud and aggressive and a mean, pure rock machine. Hit that chord and you will hear that full blown 50's P90 rock tone. When played at low volume levels though, it sounds so sweet you cannot believe it can do that. Roll back the tone and it sounds nice and jazzy and produces a warm 50's sound. Very kind and gentle.
This Tobacco Burst Junior is a vibrant instrument that has a massive tone - very resonant and clear when played unplugged. The neck is very comfortable to play and the guitar feels like it's been with you all your life.
There are no cracks or breaks, except for the usual studhole post-lean repair on the treble side and a chip repair on the bass side. The original electronics are untouched with '55 pots, a "Bumble Bee" capacitor and one super nice P90 "dog-ear" pickup with BIG output! The medium jumbo refret is in very good condition, as is the beautiful fretboard. The tuners are also still the original ones, as are the wraparound tailpiece, pickguard, covers, studs, knobs etc. Grab it and rock it!

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