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SOLD! - 1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" Alnico-V / P90

SOLD! - 1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom "Black Beauty" Alnico-V / P90

€ 27.500,00Prijs

This guitar proves that you don't have to have PAFs in a 50's Les Paul to get into guitar heaven :-) This thing is WILD & ROARING!!!


The Gibson Les Paul Custom was first introduced in 1953 as an upgraded version of the Les Paul Model, which is what the Goldtop was known as before 1958. 


The first version of the Custom had a black finish, which Les Paul himself requested because he wanted an elegant guitar that “looked like a tuxedo.” Other upgrades included an ebony fretboard with square pearl inlays; fancy binding on the top, back, neck and headstock; and gold plated hardware.


The early version also had a P90 pickup in the bridge position and the new Seth Lover designed Alnico V pickup with rectangular pole pieces in the neck position. And unlike the Les Paul Model, the Custom didn’t have a maple top with a mahogany back but was instead made from solid mahogany.


The neck is a very comfortable 50's neck, not as full as the '53 or '54 but it lay's nice in your hand. The fretboard and frets are in great condition. The original finish lights up under blacklight and has some buckle rash, play wear and checking throughout. The back of the neck has the original finish as well and waer from playing. With its 4.0Kg it is at a great weight for a mid 50's Custom. The guitar has untouched solder with the original pots, capacitors, Alnico V Square Pole Piece neck pickup, P90 bridge pickup, waffleback tuners and hardware and comes with the original black pebble case with gold/yellow lining.


This is one beast of a guitar and its no wonder countless of rock stars have had one of these guitars in their standard line-up!

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