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SOLD! - 1955 Fender Bassman Tweed 5D6-A 4x10

SOLD! - 1955 Fender Bassman Tweed 5D6-A 4x10

€ 5.000,00Prijs

This is an original 1955 Fender Bassman model 5D6-A with 2 inputs and its one of the first Narrow Panel Tweed Bassman's made, built by "Lily"!


It is in very good and serviced condition and it sounds amazing. Has that 3 dimensional sound from the 4 x 10inch Jensen speakers that you only hear in these vintage Bassman amps. 


It has been serviced, some caps have been replaced although several original Cornell Dubilier Black Cat capacitors are still in there. The P10R speakers have been replaced for period correct late 1954 early 1955 Jensen C10R EM1001 Concert speakers. The Power transformer is the original TRIAD 7993, the Output Transformer and the Choke have been replaced for high end Mercury Magnetics Toneclone replacements. All pots (date stamped 1954) and further electronics are original, as is the chassis, cabinet, baffle, tweed etc. The lettering on the chassis was gone and replaced by some (easy to remove) stickered letters and numbers so you know what you're dialing into. 


The original parts, stamps and serial all match on the chassis and the tubechart and all date to late 1954-mid 1955.

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