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SOLD! - 1954 Gibson BR-9 tube amp combo

SOLD! - 1954 Gibson BR-9 tube amp combo

€ 495,00Prijs

Another sweet 1954 Gibson BR-9 amp in very good shape!

Cute little amp for your guitar or lapsteel which can be used at home or in the studio. Has a great vintage tone at about 3-4WATTS


The BR-9 portable amp, originally available only with the BR-9 lapsteel at $99.50 for the set, was a throwback to the pre-WWII circuits, having an 8" field coil speaker and a transformer for the phase inverter. Dual inputs allowed for student/teacher sessions, with a single volume control. An on/off switch and fuse completed the rear-facing control panel layout.


Tubes included a 5Y3 rectifier, with a 6SN7 providing two gain stages, feeding 2 x 6V6's for a screaming little amp when compared to most single 6V6 student amps. The cabinet was covered in “…washable ivory leatherette accented by a brown plastic trim” and had a trapezoidal shape from both the front and side views.

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