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SOLD! - 1954 Gibson BR-9 Tube Amp combo

SOLD! - 1954 Gibson BR-9 Tube Amp combo

€ 495,00Prijs

Really nice 1954 Gibson BR-9 amp in pretty good shape, only missing the lower back panel. Has the original 1954 Jensen F10U Field Coil speaker!

Sweet little amp for your guitar or lapsteel which can be used at home or in the studio. Has a great vintage tone at about 4-5WATTS


The BR-9 portable amp, originally available only with the BR-9 lapsteel at $99.50 for the set, was a throwback to the pre-WWII circuits, having a 10" field coil speaker and a transformer for the phase inverter. Dual inputs allowed for student/teacher sessions, with a single volume control. An on/off switch and fuse completed the rear-facing control panel layout.


Tubes included a 5Y3 rectifier, with a 6SN7 providing two gain stages, feeding 2 x 6V6's for a screaming little amp when compared to most single 6V6 student amps. The cabinet was covered in “…washable ivory leatherette accented by a brown plastic trim” and had a trapezoidal shape from both the front and side views.

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