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SOLD! - 1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Wraparound Goldtop

SOLD! - 1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Wraparound Goldtop

€ 32.000,00Prijs

This all original and very beautiful 1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is a great example of the ever so amazing mid 50's Les Paul Goldtops.


It has no cracks, no breaks, no repairs and everything on this guitar is from 1954 with untouched solder. And, with only 3.68Kg it is one of the lightest Goldtop's we have seen in a long time!


The gold finish is in good condition with a lot of honest playwear, cool mojo and beautiful weather checking in 2 directions all around. It has a warm and lush vibrant glow over it with no overspray or refin whatsoever. The P90 pickups, pots and wiring is original, as are the plastics, switch and tuners. At some point different tuners have been on there but the originals are put back on.


It has the perfect later neck angle with a very nice low action and a lot of room to spare!! The '54 neck has a soft round profile and feels super easy and comfortable in the hand. 


It really sings and is LOUD acoustically. Plugged the neck pickup is warm bluesy/jazzy and has a nice deep profound sound, the bridge pickup is aggressive and has a super attack and roars punchy lead sounds.


Many guitarists consider this to be the ultimate guitar as the sustain and sound on these are just incredible and it is hard to believe that they are only priced at about 10% of a "Burst".

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