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SOLD! - 1953 Fender 5C3 Tweed Deluxe Wide Panel

SOLD! - 1953 Fender 5C3 Tweed Deluxe Wide Panel

€ 3.250,00 Normale prijs
€ 2.750,00Verkoopprijs

The Deluxe is one of Fender's most iconic amps. Deluxes of all varieties can be heard on countless records and so many famous players have turned to Deluxe for their rich yet volume friendly sound.  


The early years of the Deluxe models were some really good years. The main characteristic of these amps is great overdrive and compression. They can have really nice cleans too but most players get them for their dynamic and harmonically rich, fat overdrive.


This one has the sweetest vintage Fender Tweed 6SC7 Octal-tube tone there is! Crystal clear cleans with rings and bells, super nice breakup at halfway the volume into a roaring Neil Young beast of a tone!! It's fat, crunchy, and just plain cool... 


It has been checked and serviced recently so it's ready to rock for another 60+ years! Original 1953 Jensen P12Q 12inch Alnico speaker, POTs, transformers, chassis, cabinet, baffle, grillcloth etc. all original. Pro re-tweed some time ago.

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