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SOLD! - 1953-1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop conversion + 1953 Gibson BR-6 Amp

SOLD! - 1953-1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop conversion + 1953 Gibson BR-6 Amp

€ 29.000,00 Normale prijs
€ 26.500,00Verkoopprijs

*** The sale includes the original 1953 Gibson BR-6 amplifier that was bought by the original owner together with this Goldtop in 1953 and they have been together ever since!!! ***

This pretty original and super cool 1953 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is a great example of an amazing mid 50's Les Paul and converted to a 1956 spec Goldtop. It is a real stunner and whereas original '56 Goldtop guitars fetch over EUR 55.000 these days, this one can be yours for nearly half that..


It has no cracks, no breaks, no repairs and everything on this guitar is from 1953 except the Kluson Deluxe double line single ring tuners which are repro's, a mid 60's Gibson ABR-1 Tune-O-Matic wire retainer bridge and a MojoAxe aged stoptail, vintage length studs and bushings.

The original finish on this Goldtop is exceptionally deep and warm and it has a lush vibrant bouillon glow all over it. Guess the previous owner was an avid smoker of Old Holborn pipe tobacco ;-) The back of the headstock could have some oversprayas it lights up differently under UV. The nicely balanced P90 pickups, electronics, pots (20th week 1953), plastics etc are all original 1953.


It has just the perfect 50's neck with a very nice low action and comfortable feel. Not too big but more towards a '59 profile. This baby really rings acoustically. Plugged the neck pickup is warm bluesy/jazzy and has a nice deep profound sound, the bridge pickup is aggressive, has a great attack and roars punchy lead sounds. Comes in the original 1950's Gibson brown hardshell case.

The amp is the original 1953 Gibson BR-6 combo amplifier that was purchased together with the Goldtop in 1953 by the original owner!  It is a lovely sounding 2-input tube amp with 2 x 6V6GT power tubes, 1 x 6SJ7 preamp, 1 x 6SN7 Phase splitter and a 5Y3GT rectifier tube. All vintage glass tubes! The amp has the original transformers (week 13, 1953) and Jensen 10" field coil speaker (week 18, 1953), brown tolex, grillcloth, logo, cab, chassis etc. Handle is a replacement.


Many guitarists consider these to be the ultimate "blues machine" as the sustain and sound on these guitars are just unbelievable!! And I can only agree... ;-)

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