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SOLD! - 1952-1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Conversion w/ real PAF pickups

SOLD! - 1952-1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Conversion w/ real PAF pickups

€ 24.500,00Prijs

This beauty started life as a super nice 4.0Kg old wood 1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with trapeze tailpiece and P90's and was converted to a '57 with real double black PAF's, 60's Tune-O-Matic wire bridge and Stop Tailpiece!

This is a massive sounding beast of an axe!!
The top has been refinished and aged in beautiful Gold by one of the best in the business. The rest of the guitar, the neck, sides, and back still have the original 1952 finish as far as we can tell - or it is a very old refinish - as it blacklights nicely under UV. It has a very (VERY) big round 1952 mahogany neck with a 43mm nut width that feels chunky as a baseballbat. The action is nice and low and the neck angle is just perfect, bridge wasn't shaved!
The original PAF stickered Patent Applied For Humbuckers were harvested from a 1960 Gibson SG Standard (neck) and a 1960 Gibson Les Paul/SG Custom (bridge) are really rich and open sounding and are a true joy to listen to. Parts of the PAF sticker are still visible on the bridge pickup and on the neck pickup only the remnants of the sticker remain, most of it has crumbled... Under blacklight both look perfect and original. The Bridge pickup has 1 coil taped with later electrical tape, probably to protect the paper tape and wire or 1 coil was rewired but to be sure it would have to be opened and we prefer to leave it as is. Both pickups have all of the real early 60's PAF telltales. Closeups and UV pictures available!
Some parts are original period correct like the trussrod cover, switch, several screws, bits and pieces, back covers, cut pickguard etc but most parts have been changed like the Kluson tuners, pots, bumble bee capacitors, Montreux knobs, Faber stoptail, 60's Gibson ABR-1 wire bridge, etc.
This beauty comes in a high end Gibson Lifton Les Paul Brown Case with pink lining in perfect condition.

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