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SOLD! - 1952 Gibson Les Paul All Gold Goldtop

SOLD! - 1952 Gibson Les Paul All Gold Goldtop

€ 42.500,00Prijs

Sometimes you find one and you know it's special... The look, the feel, the sound... It's like magic.

Here is such a guitar. A 1952 Gibson Les Paul All Gold with a pretty cool story that not only looks amazing, it sounds spectacular! Really open and rich sounding acoustically with lots of war tones and a clear full RINGGGG!!!! When plugged it can sound sweet and jazzy, warm, melodic. When pushed the powerfull P90 pickups sound like a rocket but with all the definition you want!


This stunning 70 year old beauty has all the stories to tell. It was sold by the original first owner into Brad Paisley’s collection. But when Hurricane Katrina hit the coast back in 2005, Brad sold a load of his guitars and amps in 2005 to pay for damage done by the flooding.


Norman Mitchell from Old Hat Guitars in Horncastle, UK purchased it from him together with a couple of other guitars from the collection and shipped them to the UK. Norman was an antique dealer and an avid guitar collector with a shop in Horncastle. Some day in 2008 Norman mentioned to his friend Nik he had a 1952 Gibson Les Paul laying in his collection. Of course he knew 1952 is the same year Nik was born. Nik visited Norman, played the '52 Gibson Les Paul All Gold and fell in love head over heels.


Nik had also played Greeny many times back in the day as he knew Gary Moore personally (Gary showed him how to play guitar!) and this guitar gave him the same buzz. And born the same year as him it tickeled his interest even more. Two or three hours of solid playing later, in the shop, Nik just had to have her. Norman, bless him, let him owe a substantial part of the money which he eventually paid back over two years time.


In one of the pictures you can see this very '52 All Gold sitting next to "Greeny", when Joe Bonamassa came over to play her just before Kirk Hammett bought her... It was at the house of luthier Terry Morgan who had Greeny to look over just before Kirk bought her. Joe Bonamassa played Greeny at the Albert Hall just before or just after this picture was taken, and then Kirk took her with him. Terry was a "friend of a friend" of Nik and he knew Nik used to play Greeny several times before she got all famous, so Terry got Nik over "for old time's sake" to play her once more. Terry had Greeny at his place for quite some time and he did several amazing looking copies for a good few folk among which Phil Harris.


Finally, after playing het for just over 10 years, the time was there to let it go and last August 2022 we went over to him to have a lovely time together telling stories, playing and enjoying the guitar. Needless to say we love this guitar as much as Nick did and we took it home to Bees In A Jar.


The guitar has no cracks, breaks or repairs and it is all original except for a later added pokerchip switch-ring, which seems to be an original mid 50's, the 5/8" tall barrel treble tone knob was replaced in the 70's and the "b" tuner which was replaced for a period correct no-line Kluson tuner a long time ago. The bridge is replaced with MojoAxe tailpiece to improve playability and the original is in the 1952 Stone Case Co. wooden brown case with pink lining and the straight side/top headstock design. She weighs in at 4.0Kg

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