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SOLD! - 1952 Gibson J45 Jumbo Sunburst

SOLD! - 1952 Gibson J45 Jumbo Sunburst

€ 3.750,00Prijs

"Its not Willie Nelson's legendary "Trigger" yet but no doubt we're getting in the right direction here ;-)"


She is no beauty queen by all means (depending on what you love..), but she sounds just astonishing and better than any top Dollar Gibson/Martin/... out there without the character and mojo! Lots of great bass and full bodied sound, but at the same time very well balanced and beautiful sparkling tones on top.


As you can see in the photos the finish is worn as your great Grandmother's skin and there are cracks and repairs throughout, but the finish is all original and the cracks are stable. Luckily there are very few top cracks and only a small normal belly. The side has seen some proper repairs as well. The braces, the bridge and the bridge plate seem to be original, as are the tuners and pickguard.


The sides and back are cracked throughout, but all is stable for years. Unfortunately somebody used a thin veneer instead of cleats to repair these areas as the photos also show. Effective work, but not professional looking. The sound hole is enlarged to the rosette; could be part of why it sounds so nice. The area around the pickguard and soundhole have seen some major action. Willie Nelson would be proud.


The guitar is in amazing playable condition with a nice action. Even so that a neck reset is not yet necessary. The neck is pretty flat and the truss rod seems to work fine. The frets are low but could do for another couple of years to come.


No doubt about it, she is in extreme player grade condition, but have a lovely strum on this babe and you know you want to love and caress her for the rest of your life.


Comes with the original 50’s case.

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