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SOLD! - 1952 Fender Champ Champion "600" Tweed 5B1 Wide Panel

SOLD! - 1952 Fender Champ Champion "600" Tweed 5B1 Wide Panel

€ 2.750,00Prijs

This Fender "Champion 600" is one of the last models (1949-1953) with transitional Wide Panel cabinet before Fender moved over to the 5C1 Champ. As such, it is at the beginnings of history changing sounds...

This teeny, tiny, sweet, mean and sometimes even nasty little baby still uses the “600″ designation on the control plate. Being however a wide panel tweed cabinet, we know that this is one of the earliest wide panel Champs ever made! It holds a beautiful classic class-A Fender tone, crispy clean to dirty fuzz, and it is an example simply at it's best. As we all know these little gems have the tendency to break up nicely at low volumes and they can sound ever so smooth. This one has enough headroom and sparkle as it has been serviced just before we have put it up for sale!

The original ASTRON capacitors were changed last week for new ones with correct values (The originals are added to the sale) and it has a grounded US power cord for safety reasons. Also the death cap was disconnected. The Fender "Champion 600" tube chart shows serial 4723, the inside of the chassis has a clean mask tape sticker signed "Eileen"! And most important: it has the original 110Volt 6500 TRIAD power transformer (which broke loose from the chassis and was bolted back on), output transformer, Cletron speaker (Cleveland Electronics Inc, Cleveland Ohio), old style block Fender logo, tweed in pretty good nick, brown linen grill cloth, back panels, etc. It was also updated with a set of perfect measuring and sounding 50's NOS tubes: RCA 6SJ7 preamp tube, Raytheon 6V6GT power tube, Sylvania 5Y3GT rectifier tube.

This one will go the distance and you'll be happy with it for at least another 70 years!

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