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1952-1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop conversion

1952-1954 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop conversion

€ 27.500,00Prijs

This pretty original and super cool very early 1952 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop is a good example of an amazing 1952 Les Paul, converted to a '54 spec Goldtop. It is a real stunner and whereas original '54 Goldtop guitars fetch well over 40-50k these days, this one can be yours for a lot less..

It has no cracks, no breaks, no repairs and most parts on this guitar are original 1952. It has the rare marks of a very early '52 Goldtop like hex-shaped tuners bushings, flat head pickup mounting screws instead of Philips head screws and tall speed knobs. The neck angle is flat but just enough to have a nice low action. The pots (partly with original solder), grey tiger red stripe capacitors, P90 pickups, pickup covers, tall speed knobs, single line single ring Kluson tuners, backplates etc are all original, the bridge is a recent MojoAxe intonated Wrapover, vintage length studs and bushings, a 50's Toggle Switch Ring has been added and the pickguard is a rare bone white P90 cut pickguard. The original 1952 Trapeze tailpiece is included in the sale and in the case.

The finish is a bit of an unknown. It definitely looks refinished front and back, as well as a not so professional refinished faceplate which also has a later "Les Paul Model" sticker on it (can be removed easily), the front and back of the body and neck glow under blacklight just the same as my original 1952 Goldtop which is 100% original! Also the patina an