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SOLD! - 1951 Fender Champion 600 TV Front Two Tone

SOLD! - 1951 Fender Champion 600 TV Front Two Tone

€ 2.995,00Prijs

Take that, Nigel Tufnel!! This one actually goes up to twelve!!


This all original one owner Florida 1951 Fender Champion 600 is a unique character piece and dreamy vintage amp and these have been on the rise for at least 10 years now.


It's the one little amp your wife will actually love to have in the living room... The sound is just amazing. Rich, warm clean sparkly tones around 6-8 on the dial. Cranked all the way (to 12... :-) ) with a Les Paul plugged this baby almost sounds like a gated fuzz - it's wild with a totally unique tone. Wonderful for recording or playing at home!


The original old stock tubes consist of 1 x 6SJ7 GE General Electric, 1 x 6V6GT Philips ECG USA and 1 x 5Y3WGTA Philips ECG USA. The original 6" Cleveland speaker dates to week 9, 1951 from the code to the chassis (433109) and the serial number of the amplifier is 2550 which also dates to early 1951. This sweet little baby is completely original inside and out except for a replaced leather handle, the usual paper Mighty Midget capacitors needed replacing (originals included) and the pretty unsafe 2-pin US power plug was replaced (original in the case), all for safety measures. Power obviously is 110Volt (Original TRIAD 6500 Power Transformer) and the amp comes with a 230V-110V power converter.

The condition of this beauty is one of the best I’ve ever seen for such an old amplifier.

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