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SOLD! - 2020 Tubeking handbuilt Fender Tweed Twin 50W 2x12

SOLD! - 2020 Tubeking handbuilt Fender Tweed Twin 50W 2x12

€ 2.000,00Prijs

Now we all know what a Fender Tweed Twin can sound like. Just listen to Keith Richards, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, Ruben Block etc. They all use this amp to crunch out sweet Fender Tweed tones. Now 50WATTS is pretty loud and it actually measures about 65WATTS output! But oh boy... The sound this amp produces is really amazing.


This is one raw powered *beast* of an amp that sounds nothing short of spectacular while shaking everything in the room!


On top of that, this jaw dropping beauty was built by one of the top builders in The Netherlands: Tubeking Amps. All hand wired to top spec using lots of NOS and top quality parts to get where we need to be: true vintage sound for a fraction of the price!!


And even better: it was built with all sorts of top notch vintage and NOS parts that gets you even so close to that original 10K Twin Amp. PLUS there is a Master Volume built in as well so you can also use it in smaller clubs or at home, without disturbing the neighbours down the road.


PM for detailed specs and pics

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