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SOLD! - Rick Rivets - New York Dolls - 1964 Gibson Firebird III Tob. Sunburst

SOLD! - Rick Rivets - New York Dolls - 1964 Gibson Firebird III Tob. Sunburst

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When opening up the control cavity and removing the pickguard we noticed this guitar is signed with a sharpie by none other then the legendary George "Rick Rivets" Fedorcik!!!


George Fedorcik formed several bands at his High School period in New York and shortly after, together with his best friend Arthur Kane. After the last of the bands folds, Rick and Arthur went, separately, to Amsterdam in 1970, trying to get a new band together, but ended up selling hash. Rick came back and Arthur followed later, when he got deported after his visa had run out.


Fedorcik then adopted the alias Rick Rivets and he and Kane approached a young hip-looking guy they kept bumping into and asked if he wanted to be in a band. The guy was called Johnny Genzale and he was to become Johnny Thunders, courtesy of a 20 cent DC comic book, who was already making music with Sylvain Sylvain. Together with drummer Billy Murcia, singer David Johansen and Sylvain rehearsals began. That band was called the New York Dolls, named after The New York Doll Hospital. By July 1971 Arthur, Rick, Billy and Johnny start rehearsing at Arthur's basement on Tenth street to make their debut on Christmas Eve 1971, after which Rivets quit the band.


In 1973 he formed The Brats and even the newly-formed band Kiss opened for the Brats several times that period. In 1977, Rivets quit the Brats and formed the Corpse Grinders with Arthur Kane on bass and their former highschool friend Stuboy Wylder on vocals. In 2006 Rick Rivets released an album called City Rockers with the Rick Rivets Band. 


Rivets died under mysterious circumstances on February 19, 2019.


So if you want a vintage bird with tons of mojo, a lovely natural ageing and a super cool history: here's the one! She's got no breaks, cracks or repairs and is pretty much original. Pots date to 1963 and the original case is included. 


The vibrato arm and tremolo plate are missing but if needed very good aged replica's are around as well as original 60's replacement arm's and plates. Like so many Firebird III's she spent most of her life with the tremolo bypassed and strung as a wraparound.

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