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SOLD! - 1962 JMI VOX AC15 Fawn combo 1x12 red panel

SOLD! - 1962 JMI VOX AC15 Fawn combo 1x12 red panel

€ 5.200,00Prijs

Original early 60's AC15 combo's are among the world's most desired vintage amplifiers ever built. The sound is absolutely cracking and it's volume levels are ideal for small-medium club and recording purposes.


This baby sounds just incredible. It has a super nice lively chime and ring to it and a roaring Marshall crunch in the higher volume territories. Such a versatile amp this is! The chime is really open and clear with lots of mid's and a nice full sounding bass. And on top of that it is not face-melting loud as the AC30, nor is it as heavy as a boat anchor...


The amp is mostly original. The cabinet was professionally re-tolexed recently; the chassis, faceplate, knobs, most electronics, Celestion T530 Blue Bell speaker with original H1777 conus which dates 18KG (18 Oct 1962), power transformer,  Radiospares choke etc are all original. The output transformer was replaced for a very cool and perfect sounding period correct 1960's RS Radiospares OT and a couple of nuts, bolts, leather handle and the footswitch cable with a Female jack plug were also replaced.


Comes with a nice set of 60's Mullard and Brimar power and preamp tubes!

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