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SOLD! - 1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior Sunburst 3.2Kg

SOLD! - 1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior Sunburst 3.2Kg

€ 9.995,00Prijs

This First Production year Junior is ONE WILD AXE!!! It rings and screams like a stabbed rat and needs to be tamed when plugged. And all that loudness only weighs 3.2Kg. 


Stud hole repair on the treble side, bushings and studs replaced for MojoAxe 1" vintage length. (original studs in the case). Had a trapeze tailpiece on it at one point in time leaving a couple of small filled holes by the strap button. Nicely performed refret, pots and capacitor replaced (original set in the case). The action is nice and low.


Original Dog Ear P90 Pickup, knobs, pointers, Kluson tuners, finish etc. Not sure about the bridge. No cracks or breaks. This is the one you will be sorry if you let it go. The neck is a pretty chunky '54 but not too big and a nice hand full. Plays very easy. Comes in a non original case that fits like a glove. Pictured case is a Burst case and not included in the sale. :-)

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