SOLD! - 2018 Handwired Tubeking PTP built Bassman 2x12 Tweed Twin

€ 1.150,00Prijs

Point to point handwired Bassman built by Tubeking in The Netherlands with 2 x 12inch Jensen P12N for lots of power and a BIG sound but with the sparkly warmth of the Bassman circuit.


Lots of vintage parts used like caps and an original 1968 Fender Bandmaster Transformer!!

Want to know how it sounds? Check out Dutch Blues guitarist of the year Leif de Leeuw who's playing it with his band on several stages in The Netherlands. Youtube: "Leif de Leeuw band Ribs & Blues 2018"

The Dr. Z. Amplification Z-Brake Lite Attenuator in the pics is sold seperately

Comes with a tailor made coved by Tube Amp Doctor.

© 2018 - a BIAJ company from The Netherlands -

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