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Bees In A Jar handmade T-Shirt: Artist Series - Cédric Debled

Bees In A Jar handmade T-Shirt: Artist Series - Cédric Debled

€ 49,95Prijs

"I suppose that when you love guitars, you also adore images of guitars. But what about hand-drawn artworks inspired by the coolest models in the world? They possess an extra expressive human touch and I couldn’t help but create these artworks of legendary models because we all admire the creators of those beautiful axes, who were artists themselves. They were the real craftsmen of our era and they left us a true legacy of models to admire and play with."
March 2024, Cédric Debled

Get your own personal and unique "Artist Series" T-shirt today!!
Each shirt is 100% unique and printed by hand: Not one is the same as any other as it is yours! (just like our vintage instruments)
All the shirts we sell are handmade for you personally with the amazing Artwork from rising star and artist Cédric Debled on there and this series is all about vintage guitars!!

So check it out and get your vintage dream guitar on there. Designed by Cédric and personally and hand printed and applied to an A-brand T-shirt your size by Bees In A Jar.

Order yours now!!  => please don't forget to mention the artwork, size, color and neck!!

Currently available artwork:

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