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2023 Bitto Telecustom handmade & hand painted "Brigantelle"

2023 Bitto Telecustom handmade & hand painted "Brigantelle"

€ 2.795,00Prijs

This stunning hand painted guitar is made by the Italian luthier Pino Bitetti (born in Lucania, Paterno, in the province of Potenza, Basilicata) and called "Brigantelle".

The style is vintage and they are built like they did in the 50's and 60s', they are totally handmade from the ground up.


Pino goes to the sawmills personally to check out the available pieces wood and matches them for his projects. He then saws, cuts and shaves them into a guitar and has them painted by painter and artist Marianna Sirna from Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. She hand paints these guitars like they are true pieces of art, with the same technique she used on her canvas paintings. You can see the "imperfections" of the brush and the natural craquele of the paint as if it were a real painting, it is very organic and absolutely beautiful. The design is partly on request but always inspired by and performed by the artist!

The body is a handmade from 2-pieces of 10 year old Swamp Ash, nitro finished, and the neck a hand picked 10 year old piece of Maple with a maple cap, nitro finished and with a bone nut. The pickups are handbuilt to Pino's personal specifications by an Italian company of excellence: Dreamsongs pickups. They are faithful reproductions in every component and have a super open sound. The set in this Tele are based upon K. Richards' Micawber and they are as always handwound and personally designed for Pino!

The Micawber electronics setup consist of a volume pot and a mix pot and the switch has the following positions:
- Neck position: Micawber PAF Humbucker without tone
- Middle position: Micawber PAF Humbucker with a fully open tone
- Bridge position: single coil Broadcaster Tele pickup + Micawber PAF Humbucker : the tone pot balances the amount of neck and bridge pickup to your liking!

For more information send us a message and we can have you one made by Pino to your personal spec!!

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