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SOLD! - 2014 Gibson ES-335 Rich Robinson '63 VOS Heritage Cherry Bigsby

SOLD! - 2014 Gibson ES-335 Rich Robinson '63 VOS Heritage Cherry Bigsby

€ 5.995,00Prijs

Dont wait up - only 500 were ever produced and they hardly ever show up for sale!!


Are you a Black Crowes fan? Then you've probably heard about Rich Robinson's vintage 1963 Gibson ES-335. When Superstorm Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on 29 October 2012, among the damaged buildings was a storage facility belonging to The Black Crowes...


Rich Robinson's prized, all-original 1963 Gibson ES-335 was among many instruments that suffered severe water and mould damage, and only a remarkable year-long restoration project by Kentucky-based luthiers RS Guitarworks could save it. "They had to put it in a dry room," explains Robinson, "get rid of all the mould, take everything apart and refinish - basically rebuild the guitar. It came back all original."


In the midst of the process, Rich went to Gibson and asked them to build him a guitar to the same vintage original specs. The resulting VOS instrument was so outstanding, Gibson Memphis produced a limited edition of 500 copies worldwide. 


"It really turned out better than I had hoped," says Rich. "I'm really happy with it. It's very cool, it plays well. I've always liked the way 335's feel and the sounds I can get out of them. The first record I used them on was The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion in '92. I used my '63 all over that and pretty much every record since. It's a guitar that's been with me forever. I mean, the more guitars I've collected over the years, I always still went to that one. That's where I am."


The Gibson ES-335 Rich Robinson nails exactly what he loves in a vintage early ’60s ES-335: killer authentic faded Cherry looks, creamy yet clear PAF tones, and the added versatility of a genuine Bigsby vibrato with traditional “Custom Made” plaque to cover the stopbar stud holes.


This “small block” incarnation of Rich's fabled ES-335 is dear to the hearts of many great players, and you will find it is an absolute killer 335. Built to the original 1963 ES-335 semi-hollow design with a body made from maple laminates and a solid center block to cut feedback and enhance sustain, this is one of the most adaptable electrics on the planet, excelling at anything from jazz, to pop, to country, to flat-out Black Crowes-certified rock’n’roll. Rich’s preferred slightly wider neck profile makes it superbly comfortable to play.



- serial 41294  299/500

- Hand-crafted in the USA by Gibson's Custom Shop luthiers in the Memphis Tennessee plant

- A superb VOS Cherry Nitrocellulose finish

- Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups deliver outstanding vintage tone

- 1.711" nut width (slightly wider than the normal 1.687")

- Small block fingerboard inlays

- Aged vintage binding

- "Custom Made" plaque covering the stop tailpiece holes

- Genuine Bigsby B7 vibrato tailpiece

- Gibson Brown hardshell case included

- signed Gibson Memphis COA Certificate of Authenticity


This guitar is all original, in geat condition and comes with its original hard shell case as well as the signed Certificate of Authenticity! 

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