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SOLD! - 2013 Gibson CS AGED Les Paul 1959 Duane Allman Cherry Lemon Tom Murphy

SOLD! - 2013 Gibson CS AGED Les Paul 1959 Duane Allman Cherry Lemon Tom Murphy

€ 17.995,00Prijs

Duane Allman's 1959 Cherry/Lemon Burst Les Paul is the most recorded guitar in Duane's far too short career and one with a pretty cool history.

On September 16 1970, Stone Balloon are opening for the Allman Brothers on a show in Daytona. Duane watches the band and sees Rick Stein of Stone Balloon playing a stunning '59 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul. Duane falls madly in love with the guitar and has to have it.

Backstage he approaches Rick and offers him a '57 Gold top, a 50WATT Marshall Plexi head and $200 for it. As part of the deal, Duane gets to swap the pickups out of the Goldtop and puts them in the '59. These pickups are the ones he used on "Layla" and he loves the warm sound of them.

A few weeks later, on October 1st, the final overdubs are recorded on "Layla", including the epic ending which is performed on Duane's recently acquired '59 Cherry Sunburst Les Paul with the '57 PAF's. Eric Clapton wrote later in his autobiography that he and Duane were inseparable during the sessions in Florida; he talked about him as the "musical brother I'd never had but wished I did."

After "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" by Derek and the Dominoes, Duane played his beloved '59 also on the live album "At Fillmore East" and "Eat a Peach", which was a mix of studio recordings - both with and without Duane - and recordings from the band's famed 1971 Fillmore East performances. It was released 4 months after his tragic accident.

Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle crash shortly after the release and initial success of "Live at Fillmore East" on October 29, 1971

Although he died tragically young aged 24, he left an indelible mark on the history of rock thanks to his distinctive guitar work with The Allman Brothers Band, as well as his career as a session musician and remarkable contribution to Layla, which he recorded alongside Eric Clapton with Derek And The Dominos.

During his short life and brief career, Duane Allman created a legacy that continues to inspire generations of musicians. His touch, tone, and unbridled musicianship set benchmarks that remain as vital today as they were nearly five decades ago, and his Gibson fueled sound has been much idolized as a result.

The Allman Burst was produced in a limited run of only 150 AGED instruments in 2013 by The Gibson Custom Shop and Tom Murphy. This collector grade example is in near mint condition and comes with all items as it came from the factory: Gibson Lifton 5-latch brown case with pink lining, "Peacock" shirt inspired Guitar dust cover, Gibson engraved wooden USB stick with documents and a video of the Guitar's history featuring Lee Roy Parnell, Gibson Hangtags, Warranty Card and COA Certificate Of Authenticity etc, all as pictured.

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