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SOLD! - 2009 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1952 Tribute PROTOTYPE limited edition

SOLD! - 2009 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1952 Tribute PROTOTYPE limited edition

€ 4.500,00 Normale prijs
€ 3.900,00Verkoopprijs

Don’t miss this opportunity - with only 564 worldwide they and are extremely collectable and it is in near MINT condition!!!

Mind you: This is not the cheaper Tribute model; this is the 564 pieces Limited Run in honor of Les Paul's life after his death in 2009.

Gibson produced only 564 guitars (six for each year of Les Paul's life from 1915 to 2009) based on the original design specifications of the prototype Les Paul from 1952. These guitars feature a silver hand inked serial number with a year that Les Paul was alive, and a letter A through F indicating which of the six guitars for each year it is: 1915 A, 1915 B, 1915 C 1915 D 1915 E 1915 F; 1916 A, 1916 B, etc. All actual 1952 LP’s were listed as prototypes so these are stamped prototype. This one is number 1961 E.

This instrument features a warm glowing gold nitro cellulose finish on a center seam top, with a natural finished mahogany back and neck. The Trapeze tailpiece has been corrected to match Les Paul’s original Patent tailpiece, but the original bridge is in the case and a new MojoAxe intonated bridge is currently on there for enhanced playability. The P90 pickups are also original and sound really good, as are the electronics, plastics etc. Other features include a "Tribute" engraved Tribute truss rod cover (also in the case, a black "Les Paul" trussrod cover is on there) and either gold tall barrel knobs or gold top hat knobs, whichever you prefer. It weighs 4.3Kg which is pretty decent for these Tribute Les Paul Goldtops.


The COA Certificate of Authenticity and other case candy is included in the sale, as is the original Gibson Les Paul case with white plush lining.

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